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Learn 10 Things You Need To Watch Out For Before Attending Any Yoga Retreat In California

California is a very popular destination for vacations and tourism. From the culture and style of Los Angeles to the serenity of the desert, the heights of the redwood forests and Yosemite peaks, to the rolling terrain of wine country, millions flock here to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of their lives. One way many do that is to attend yoga retreats in this state. If you are considering doing that, keep reading to learn 10 things you need to watch out for before signing up.

1) What is the style of classes that are going to be taught? There’s little point attending a conference if you aren’t going to do certain styles or techniques. It’s best to know the teachers.Learn if yoga is good for you before having your baby.

2) Will the classes be hot? Bikram-style classes are not everyone’s favorite technique and outdoor classes under a hot afternoon sun might be too much to be healthy.

3) How advanced are the classes? You know what poses aren’t open to you yet. Make sure you won’t be asked to do them unless you know alternatives or modifications.

4) Will mats and props be available? This should be a given, and can seriously reduce how much you have to lug from home. Also asking for a photo can be helpful.

5) Will your yoga mat fit the airline luggage rules? Even with mats available, you might like yours pretty well. Check about dimension restrictions if you can’t get it in your suitcase.

6) Is laundry service available? A lot of yoga classes can add up to a pile of dirty clothes, and you don’t want to pack a lot. Hand washing and air drying might not be feasible, depending on your space.

7) Will there be Wi-Fi? Some yoga retreats put an emphasis on unplugging, but many individuals, including those with work and family responsibilities, might not be able to do this.

8) How do you get there? Even if you can find the place on Google Maps, you’ll need some idea how to get there. Usually, this is a matter of a route for your rental car or own vehicle or a combination of what airport to fly into and who to use for local transportation. Ride sharing and flying with others always makes things easier. See here (

9) What’s not included in the price? What the price of a yoga retreat does and does not cover should be covered on the website or in the literature. Never make assumptions and always ask about important details. It is safe to assume that airfare and transportation to and from there are not covered.

10) How many people are you going to share a bathroom with? Many yoga retreat centers have their own housing but might have multiple people or even multiple bedrooms sharing one bathroom. After a hot shower one needs a place for cooling off. If you need more space than this might allow, ask about a private bathroom, and maybe even a private bedroom.

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Now that you know 10 things to watch out for before attending a yoga retreat in California, you can make sure your trip is the vacation of your dreams.

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