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Engaging in yoga before having a baby

Enjoying The Benefits Of Yoga For You And Your Baby

Do you like being fit but you worry about the effects of yoga in your pregnancy? The good news is that yoga can boost your body and your mind. If you want a pregnancy that is not as stressful than most moms, then yoga is for you. This ancient Indian exercise can work wonders to your body because of various benefits. Here are some of them!

Lets You Achieve Balance

Pregnant women will feel more tired or exhausted physically as the baby grows inside of their body due to the increase of estrogen and progesterone. Yoga allows an individual to focus on breathing which allows a person to find a balance emotionally even physically.

Increases Your Strength And The Body’s Stamina

Because you are not the only one who needs the strength to get through the day now, you must remember that the baby inside your tummy is also consuming your energy. Strengthening your arms, shoulders, hips, and your back is easy with yoga poses. From now on, you’ll need the extra strength and energy for you and your baby. Yoga will make it easier for you to be a super mom!

Relieves The Tension In Different Parts Of Your Body

As you go on your pregnancy, you’ll notice how different parts of your body seems to be in pain as time goes by. Your muscles start to ache, and these pain might be because your baby is growing and your muscles are stressed. Your belly will also grow as your baby grows inside and it will cause your back to be more curved. Breasts will also increase in size which might add tension in your neck and shoulder area. Yoga can help you relieve all of these muscle pain easily while keeping you fit.

Calming Your Nervous System

Yoga also promotes deep breathing exercise that is very beneficial for the whole body. This breathing exercise helps your body to relax. A relaxed body operates better which means your digestion will operate better as well. It can also affect your sleep and immune system in a positive way.


Because yoga involves breathing exercise, it can be a good way to prepare you for your labor. Labor is the most stressful and scary part of your pregnancy. It is the final step and you have to face the tension in your body as you deliver your child. Luckily, yoga will let you practice your breath-work and make it easier for you.
Good Circulation

It is so cute to do yoga before the big day that one should keep a record of it. The best way to do it is via a scrap book or something similar. To capture it in the first year baby memory book the link is provided.

Yoga creates good blood circulation in your body. If you noticed, most pregnant women experience swelling in some of their body parts. Yoga can prevent this from happening and give you a stronger immunity from diseases. This is important so you can also protect your child from diseases.

If you think that yoga is only for those who are not pregnant, then you are wrong. Pregnant women can also take advantage of the benefits of yoga in their bodies. In fact, it can also benefit the baby. You can consult your doctor about the other benefits of yoga in your body and get an instructor to assist you with your yoga exercises.

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How to bake a perfect Healthy lifestyle Before A Yoga Retreat

Are you planning to go on a yoga retreat? This can prove to be an exciting time for you. However, it’s essential to make sure that you do the necessary preparations so you can gain optimal results. Contrary to what you may think, you can’t just go on a retreat without fixing some of your bad lifestyle habits. In particular, you must see to it that you make the right food choices. If you’re guilty of eating a lot of unhealthy foods, then allot at least two weeks to change your diet. Following are tips for eating healthy before a yoga retreat.

The primary goal of a retreat is to connect with yourself, much deeper than you ever did in the past. It can introduce a lot of positive changes in your life. But as with anything, these changes do not come overnight. The same concept applies to making changes to your daily eating habits. What you want to do is to lean in. Basically, this means taking little steps instead of big ones. Even the smallest changes can lead to big rewards over the long term.

A good starting point is to start drinking more water. A good rule to follow is to never allow yourself to feel thirsty. You may also follow the age-old rule of drinking at least 8 glasses of water. While you’re at it, make sure you stop drinking alcohol, black tea and coffee.

It’s also important that you get rid of unhealthy habits such as smoking and using recreational drugs. This can prove to be a tall order. Stopping an addiction may require an awful lot of time, dedication and patience. But if you really want to make significant improvements in your life, it should be something you’re willing to do.

The next step is to minimize your consumption of artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. If you drink a lot of cola and juices, you need to cut them from your diet. To satisfy your sweet tooth, replace them with healthier options such as fresh fruits. You may also want to stock up on natural sweeteners. Make it a habit to read product labels so you know what exactly goes in your mouth.

Another change in your diet should be to gradually reduce consumption of meat and poultry products. You should bake your own stuff which is a much healthier option. See here for more details, If you’re a meat lover, you don’t have to completely get rid of it. A small service once per day should be all right. Just make sure you also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Healthy greens are essential sources of vitamins and minerals. They also help cleanse the body of harmful toxins which may cause severe illnesses.

These lifestyle fixes may be hard to implement, but part of the challenge is to overcome that hurdle at the beginning of your journey. Eating healthy before a yoga retreat doesn’t require complicated recipes. You can prepare simple dishes at home while making sure you reduce consumption of unhealthy foods from your daily diet.

Learn 10 Things You Need To Watch Out For Before Attending Any Yoga Retreat In California

California is a very popular destination for vacations and tourism. From the culture and style of Los Angeles to the serenity of the desert, the heights of the redwood forests and Yosemite peaks, to the rolling terrain of wine country, millions flock here to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of their lives. One way many do that is to attend yoga retreats in this state. If you are considering doing that, keep reading to learn 10 things you need to watch out for before signing up.

1) What is the style of classes that are going to be taught? There’s little point attending a conference if you aren’t going to do certain styles or techniques. It’s best to know the teachers.Learn if yoga is good for you before having your baby.

2) Will the classes be hot? Bikram-style classes are not everyone’s favorite technique and outdoor classes under a hot afternoon sun might be too much to be healthy.

3) How advanced are the classes? You know what poses aren’t open to you yet. Make sure you won’t be asked to do them unless you know alternatives or modifications.

4) Will mats and props be available? This should be a given, and can seriously reduce how much you have to lug from home. Also asking for a photo can be helpful.

5) Will your yoga mat fit the airline luggage rules? Even with mats available, you might like yours pretty well. Check about dimension restrictions if you can’t get it in your suitcase.

6) Is laundry service available? A lot of yoga classes can add up to a pile of dirty clothes, and you don’t want to pack a lot. Hand washing and air drying might not be feasible, depending on your space.

7) Will there be Wi-Fi? Some yoga retreats put an emphasis on unplugging, but many individuals, including those with work and family responsibilities, might not be able to do this.

8) How do you get there? Even if you can find the place on Google Maps, you’ll need some idea how to get there. Usually, this is a matter of a route for your rental car or own vehicle or a combination of what airport to fly into and who to use for local transportation. Ride sharing and flying with others always makes things easier. See here (

9) What’s not included in the price? What the price of a yoga retreat does and does not cover should be covered on the website or in the literature. Never make assumptions and always ask about important details. It is safe to assume that airfare and transportation to and from there are not covered.

10) How many people are you going to share a bathroom with? Many yoga retreat centers have their own housing but might have multiple people or even multiple bedrooms sharing one bathroom. After a hot shower one needs a place for cooling off. If you need more space than this might allow, ask about a private bathroom, and maybe even a private bedroom.

Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching

Now that you know 10 things to watch out for before attending a yoga retreat in California, you can make sure your trip is the vacation of your dreams.

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